Reusable Organic Mesh Produce Bag 

  • Material: 100% Organic Cotton 

       GOTS Certified  - CU1001667

  • Best Quality and Price

  • Directly from Manufacturer

  • MOQ 100 pieces for 3 standard sizes 20x25cm, 25x30cm, 30x35cm

  • Customisation with your Logo from 500 pieces

We have more choices for you

Variant A:
1 Cord

Variant B:
1 Cord + Wooden Ball

Variant C:
1 Cord + Metal Clip

Variant D:
2 Cords 

Hight Quality

4-Thread Overlock +  Extra Safety Stitch
Label with Weight and Care Information

Secured Bottom

Our special cutting avoids stitches at bottom. The bags is therefore stronger and more durable.


Standart Package:

10 PCS/ Roll,  50 PCS/Pack

Customised Package from 500 PCS:

one or more PCS with neutral or printed banderole